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Spinning® is the original , exhilarating indoor cycling experience. With our certified Spinning Instructors get in the saddle and power through their challenging and rewarding workouts.

Lear Fitness is a certified Spinning Centre 



Ever wondered why so many Physiotherapists practice Pilates?
For true body conditioning that aligns you internally and ultimately sculpts you externally Pilates is unbeatable. 



The rush that follows an exercise class is addictive, imagine a whole programme of fitness classes specifically to deliver that high. Created with an intelligent approach to mixed training and a spectrum of intensities to match your level. 

Strength Ride

The lowdown: Uses high resistance and a slower cadence, you hover between aerobic and anaerobic zones, climbing some challenging mountains as you go.
The payoff: A great workout for toning your legs (without building muscle size) and developing your mental and cardiovascular strength.
Intensity: 65% - 92% HRmax

Endurance Ride

The lowdown: This Energy Zone™ includes a variety of aerobic profiles.

The payoff: This ride boosts your fat metabolism, increases your base fitness level, and lowers your resting heart rate.
Intensity: 65% - 80% HRmax

Aerobic Interval Ride
The lowdown: Still aerobic training but pushing it to the threshold. 
The payoff: This heart rate zone will test the entire range of your aerobic capacity and increase efficiency when training at highest intensities.
Intensity: 65% - 80% HRmax
Anaerobic Interval Ride
The lowdown: A versatile workout throughout the whole spectrum of intensities, these rides alternate bursts of speed and power with recovery.
The payoff: You'll increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, which will lead to bolstered stamina.
Intensity: 65% - 92% HRmax
Race Day Ride
The lowdown: A perfect ride to push your limits and test yourself. This is a time to challenge your body and celebrate your strength.
The payoff: It’s time to measure your progression and development from the previous training. With the outcome, you can tailor your future training to get the best results to suit your goals. Intensity: 80% - 92% HRmax

Classes provide our instructors with the perfect platform to express themselves by creating the class profile they want to deliver. Taking elements of the great and good from the Spinning® program, the instructor can freestyle and ride with the focus they want. Music, intensity and profile type dictate where the class goes. Rides are planned and thought out, even the best do not ‘rock up’ and completely freestyle. IndoorCycle/FreeRide offers variety and is a great compliment to the Spinning® program.

Tabata Bike:

The most intense interval training session there is! Tabata is proven to get you fit, quick. 4 minutes of 20 secs at 95% maximum effort with 10 seconds rest on one of our Spinning bikes will be all you need.

Beginner Pilates

A great way to introduce your body to the benefits of Pilates or an ideal class if you are injured. Learn to use your core abdominal and stabilising muscles to improve your strength, posture and movement. 

Improvers Pilates

For experienced beginners who are not quite ready to make the leap to intermediate. 

Intermediate Pilates

A class for those without injuries. Requires a good level of experience and fitness. A great progression for those experienced in Pilates and ready to move to a higher level of strength, control and balance. 

Advanced Pilates

The ultimate in body strengthening, lengthening, toning and body awareness for those experienced devotees. 

Ante and Post Natal Pilates

Specifically for pregnant and/or new mums to prepare their body for birth, target the pelvic & abdominal muscles, and to rebuild posture and endurance of the body after birth. 

Mat for back

Pilates mat class focussed specifically on back and neck rehabilitation. 

Balance challenge

A class done primarily in standing

to challenge balance and posture and related to sports function. 

Reformer class

Reformer Pilates gives you another dimension to your Pilates work out. It strengthens your core muscles by exercising on a machine that uses spring tension for resistance. Anyone from beginner through to advanced can take advantage of the benefits a reformer workout can give you. By strengthening your core muscles and improving flexibility it gives you a toned, lean, balanced physique. Classes take place in our state of the art Pilates reformer studio in small class of up to or no more than six people. 


Having an individual one to one session will give you a workout that is designed specifically for your needs. Whether it is your first time at Pilates, recovering from injury or wanting to hone your Pilates skills, a one to one session will give you’re the maximum benefit a Pilates work out can. You will be in safe hands as all our Pilates instructors are physiotherapists so they know when to push you and when to hold back.


An absolutely mad 20 minutes of high intensity exercise – perfect for those of you short of time but in the need for real physical exercise. Guaranteed to burn fat and get you fit quick! 


Thirty minutes of quick succession circuit exercises – a great all round workout for developing and maintaining general fitness and body tone. 


This is perfect for all golfers, helps improve golf specific movement efficiency and gain endurance to keep you swinging strong right through to the 19th hole! 


A run specific session designed to have you running quicker and injury free! An initial 15 min running assessment is required before attendance in this class. 


Using a combination of weights, suspension training and ViPR’s this is perfect for gaining strength and sculpting. 


Kettlebell training provides an intense and stimulating way to increase fitness and strength. 


ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full-body movement with load, enhancing the vitality, performance and reconditioning goals of clients and athletes. 


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